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Who is

Jeremy Carney

Jeremy is a data and analytics expert who is also passionate about good beer and brewery success!
He has almost 20 years of experience in designing and deploying analytics solutions that drastically improve business performance.
His approach is to understand current state of team and programs, tailor a best fit analytics solution, and ensure that the solution drives sustainable business improvements

Jeremy's Story

2004 - College

Graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Economics with a concentration in Accounting, and a minor in English (weird combo...). A few years later, earned MBA. 

2010 - 'Excel Ninja'

Designed and implemented a 'homegrown' analytics program that greatly increased business leaders use of data and analytics in decision making. Learned the pain points  of a primitive analytics system. 

2016 - Tableau Introduction

Gamechanger! I knew 30 mins into the initial demo that this would be a platform that would change my career. I became consumed with learning, implementing, and leading Tableau related initiatives. Over the next few years become Director of Data and Analytics leading an 800 user Tableau community and portfolio of analytics solutions.

2023 - Central Coast Analytics

Translated my passion for creating and implementing analytics solutions into helping breweries and wineries harness the power of data and analytics to improve their performance.

I Believe Data and Analytics

Will SUPERCHARGE your Team's Performance!

  • ​Gain full visibility and understanding of their business
  • Improve data-driven decision-making to impact performance
  • Use their enhanced insights to be stronger in the market
  • ​Quickly act on newly identified opportunities or risks
  • ​Ultimately become more successful and profitable

Check out the 'Art of the Possible' with a modern data and analytics program. 

This might be the 1st step to revolutionizing your business... don't miss out!

GUnderstand what you currently do well, what needs some improvement, and what you should look to prioritize

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