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6A - Analytics Action Model

6a Model to drive Action

It is critical that we use the analytical insights that we generate to drive smart and immediate action to improve business performance

The goal of business analytics has to be to consistently take data-driven actions to improve business performance. To help turn raw data into action, it is helpful to follow the below model: Acknowledge, Ask, Analyze, Answer, Action, Alert. 

ACKNOWLEDGE a critical pain point
Example A: Our Sales Margin isn’t as high as we were expecting
Example B: Our google ads aren’t generating as much traffic as we thought they would

ASK an important question
Example A: Is there a region or wine that is underperforming?
Example B: Which ad campaigns are driving the least volume?

Efficiently ANALYZE the Data
Example A: See how each region and wine stacks up to their peers and the average.
Example B: See how each campaign ranks in cost per click. How do they trend over time?

Gain insight on specific ANSWER
Example A: Identify region and wine that have the lowest sales margin.
Example B: Identify the campaign that has the worst cost per click.

Drive immediate data-driven ACTION
Example A: Share analysis with regional and pricing manager to highlight issues. Raise prices accordingly.
Example B: Share analysis with marketing group. Rework lowest performing campaign.

Monitor performance and ALERT if underperforming
Example A: Set up daily email alert if price is entered lower than expected. Schedule weekly email of dashboard to ensure volume doesn’t drop with higher price implemented.
Example B: Schedule weekly email of campaign performance to ensure expected improvement is happening.

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