Primary Blog/Use Case/Analytics Explainer - Flagship Comparison

Analytics Explainer - Flagship Comparison

Intro / Purpose
• We need a dashboard to show how are main ‘flagship’ beers compare against each other
• Need to be able to see sales, volume, margin for each beer in the various channels
• Important to understand specific metrics to develop flagship strategy

Data Used
• Datasource: Taproom and Wholesale Sales Transactions
• Key Fields: Date, Source, Container, Beer, Sales, Margin, Volume

• Total sales trend and each beer’s % of total over the last 15 months
• Barrels, Sales $, Margin for each beer and channel (wholesale cans/kegs, taproom cans/draft)
• Sales vs Cost per barrel of each beer and channel to see how they compare
• Metric details of each beer and channel

• Choose Period to View

Sample Questions Answered
• How is demand trending for each of our flagship beers? Are any increasing/declining in importance over time? Do we have seasonality?
• How much volume do we sell of each beer into each channel? Which do we make the most margin off of?
• What’s the relationship between Sales/Cost per barrel for each beer and channel? Any actions we should look to take to influence results?
• What are the specific metrics for each beer and channel? What do we sell the most volume into? What do we make the most money from? Should we change strategy accordingly?

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