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Analytics Explainer - Master Dashbard

Intro / Purpose
• We need a dashboard that shows a comprehensive view of our business
• Need to be able to see analytics from several different datasources and topics
• Important to highlight current metrics data but also see trends

Data Used
• Datasources: Sales, Finance, Inventory, Operations, Website, Emails, Head Count, Team Survey
• Key Fields: Various from each datasource

• Last week’s sales and long-term trends, performance by channel, top beers, top customers
• Current inventory balances and trend, detail on highest inventory categories and items
• Recent transactions activity, highlighting purchasing of raw ingredients and finished beer produced
• Income performance, highlighting gross margin, net income, recent operating expenses
• Balance sheet overview, detail on current assets and liabilities and open invoices
• Last week’s taproom traffic metrics with focus on top beers and customer segments
• Recent marketing metrics, highlighting website visits, email campaign performance, customer survey info
• Recent HR and team enablement info with analysis on headcount, payroll, and survey info

Sample Questions Answered
• What is the overall health and recent performance of our business?
• What stands out that needs further review in other purpose-built dashboards?
• Are there any actions we can take to improve performance heading into the next update?

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