Primary Blog/Use Case/Analytics Explainer - Wine Detail Analysis

Analytics Explainer - Wine Detail Analysis

Intro / Purpose
• We need a dashboard to show the characteristics of an individual Wine
• Need to be able to see how pricing and margin has changed throughout the year and compared to last year
• Important to see monthly results but also yearly trend

Data Used
• Datasource: Sales Transactions
• Key Fields: Date, Wine, Wine Group, Customer, Sales $ Amt, Cost $ Amt, Qty

• Monthly and year to date running total sales and margin performance to prior year
• Sales share of individual Wine within Wine Group; how wine ranks against its ‘peers’ in Wine Group
• Average sales price by month and compare to prior year
• Diagnosis of Volume, Profitability, Price/Sales Volatility

• Filter by Wine

Sample Questions Answered
• How are we doing with this Wine compared to last year? How profitable are they?
• Has our Average Sales Price changed throughout the year?
• How does this wine rank amongst its peers in the Wine Group? Is it what we expect?

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