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Analytics for All Levels of Brewery Team

Modern Analytics: Elevating Brewery Team Performance at Every Level

Craft breweries are known for their unique flavors and artisanal methods. But to stay competitive in today's fast-paced market, they also need to embrace technology. This includes leveraging analytics to make informed decisions at every level of the organization. From the executive suite to the factory floor, data can provide valuable insights that drive performance, consistency, and growth.

Executive Role
- Strategic Decision Making: Comprehensive data provides a holistic view of the business and market, allowing executives to make informed decisions about product launches, expansions, and mergers.

- Financial Health: Analytics can offer insights into the profitability of different channels, operational efficiencies, and ROI on marketing or sales campaigns.

- Forecasting: Predictive analytics helps in forecasting demand, helping executives decide on resource allocation, scaling production, and managing inventory.

Here’s an example of what an executive decision maker might use to understand the overall financial health of their brewery. This dashboard gives a high-level overview that highlights some areas of concern without getting bogged down in small details.

Director/Manager Role
- Operational Oversight: Directors can gain insights into the efficiency of different departments. For instance, real-time data on how many hours we are working compared to volume we are selling or producing helps to optimize team efficiency.

- Customer Insights: By understanding customer preferences, feedback, and consumption patterns, decision makers can guide marketing and product development more effectively.

- Supply Chain Management: Analytics aids in monitoring and optimizing the supply chain, ensuring timely availability of raw materials and reducing wastage.

Here’s an example of a location demand summary that would be applicable for a director or manager. It is a mid-level monitor that shows some summarized info, highlights outliers, and displays enough detail to take data-driven actions.

Analyst Role
- Deep Dives: Analysts can delve deep into data, discovering patterns that might not be visible at a higher level. For instance, they might find that certain hops lead to higher customer satisfaction or that specific marketing channels offer better ROI.

- Predictive Models: They can construct models to predict outcomes like sales during seasonal periods or the potential success of a new flavor profile.

- Reporting: Craft an easy-to-understand, actionable report for higher-ups. Data visualization tools can be especially handy here, turning complex data into intuitive charts and graphs.

Here’s an example of a deep dive analysis on operational costs that would be great for an analyst to understand detailed information. They can quickly pinpoint specific opportunities or issues and clearly communicate them for the rest of the team to action.

Team Member
- Skill Development: With access to educational content informed by data, team members can enhance their skills. A sales rep might learn about the preferences of the demographic they’re targeting, leading to more effective pitches.

- Feedback Loop: Sales and customer service teams can instantly update the system with feedback, creating a continuous loop of improvement.

- Quality Control: Production staff can use real-time data to monitor the brewing process, ensuring consistency and quality.

This would be a good example of a dashboard showing taproom traffic that would be useful and interesting for the whole team to view. It displays recent trends on how well the business is doing (without displaying sensitive financial info) and provides insights on volume into the taproom so the team isn’t surprised by especially busy or slow periods.

Wrap Up
In a nutshell, modern analytics can help craft breweries make better decisions at all organizational levels. It brings clarity to strategic planning, refines operational efficiency, enables deep analysis, and empowers every team member with data-driven insights. By integrating analytics into the business model, craft breweries can secure a sustainable, profitable future without compromising on the artistry that makes them unique.

Cheers to the perfect blend of craft and data!

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