6A - Analytics Action Model

It is critical that we use the analytical insights that we generate to drive smart and immediate action to improve business performance.

Custom Analytics - Questionnaire

Before we start a Custom Analytics engagement, it is helpful to work through this questionnaire to outline the potential solution.

How fast can we see analytics?

With CCA efficient back-end processes, you can see your data in modern analytics quickly ... sometimes in as little as 24 hours.

What if I want full control of my analytics?

You can start with CCA administering your Tableau analytics, but have the option to create and administer your own Tableau Cloud site in the future.

How do you ensure my data is secure?

Protecting your data is of paramount importance to CCA.

Custom Analytics Development

Custom Tableau development to solve unique business needs

Analytics Team Enablement

CCA offers several different options and levels of enablement and coaching; from very basic general metrics and analytics to advanced technical dashboard building.

Analytics Assessment

The 20 question Analytics Assessment asks about the Plan, People, Process, and Performance related to Analytics.

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