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County Sales per Capita with VIP data

Welcome to our 4th update on enhancing standard VIP/iDIG data in advanced analytics. This time, we're mixing things up by adding some external data—specifically, population numbers by county. This helps us calculate out the Sales per Capita, a key metric for understanding how well we're doing in different markets.

Why is Sales per Capita important?

It shows us how deep we've penetrated a market compared to its size, the effectiveness of our sales strategies, and where there might be new opportunities to explore.

In this quick demo video you can see what our dashboard can do:

- Filter Easily: Zoom in on specific areas of the business with just a few clicks.

- Understand Key Data: Look at total sales, population numbers, and sales per capita.

- Watch Trends: See how sales per capita change over time.

- Map View: Get a visual snapshot of how different counties are performing.

- Spot Winners and Losers: Quickly identify the top and bottom 5 performing counties.

This setup means your sales team can get a complete picture of market performance right at their fingertips. Plus, using modern analytics tools, updating this information is quick and easy—no more wrestling with spreadsheets.

Interested in getting insights like these for your brewery? Let's chat about how easy it is to bring your data to life. You'll be amazed at the insights you can uncover in no time.

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