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Customer Segmentation

A craft brewery sales leader voiced a concern many share: 'Sales are down, and I'm questioning if we're focused on the right accounts.' It's a stark reality in today's market.

A customer segmentation analysis can really help turn things around. It’s about using your data to pinpoint where your team should apply their efforts.

Our dashboard exemplifies this, breaking down accounts into actionable segments.

We’re measuring:

- Size: What's the overall volume of the account?

- Growth: Is there an upward trend in their purchases?

- Profitability: What is their average revenue per case?

- Recency: When was their most recent order?

- Frequency: How often are they placing orders?

- Variety: How diverse is their selection from our beer offerings?

Armed with this data, strategies become clear:

- Revive sales with large, profitable accounts that have slowed down.

- Push a wider range of products to mid-sized, profitable, and growing accounts.

- Re-evaluate small, less active accounts for their true value to your bottom line.

Segmentation isn't just smart; it’s essential. And with today's analytics tools, it’s far more manageable than the cumbersome spreadsheets of the past. These platforms make it easy to keep data fresh, insights relevant, and decisions sharp.

Let’s get some of your brewery data into an analysis like this and see where your team should focus!

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