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Hop into the Numbers of a beer fest

Fill up your beer taster glass, and let's embark on an exciting journey into the world of beer festivals! These much-anticipated events are not only the perfect melting pots of cultures, tastes, and music, but they also serve as gold mines of data waiting to be tapped. Just like the perfect brew, they're a blend of fun, flavor, and yes, figures.

Beyond the clinking glasses, fun conversations, and the joy of discovering your new favorite IPA (or Barley Wine!), there's a whole universe of information. By diving into the data of beer festivals, we unlock insights that help us brew better experiences for every ale enthusiast and lager lover out there.

So, grab your pint and let's venture into the dynamic and effervescent world of beer festival data analysis. After all, understanding your beer is only half the fun - understanding the festival just rounds out the whole pint! (at least when you are a data nerd like me)

(Granted, not all of this data is readily available at a beer festival, so we are going to have to use some imagination)

Ticket Sales Analysis: Examine trends over time, peak sales periods, and any correlations with promotional events or price changes. Also, track ticket types sold and analyze sales based on ticketing platforms or channels used.

Some beer festivals sell out almost immediately, but others rely on ticket sales over longer periods. For those, it would be good to understand purchasing patterns and lean into what works best.

Attendance Patterns: Measure attendee flow throughout the festival, including peak times and locations of high foot traffic.

If I ran a beer festival (and it’s probably a good thing I don’t), all attendees would wear a GPS tracker so we could know right where they are at any point in time. It would be very interesting to see the flow of people throughout the festival, what lines people are waiting in, what top speed somebody got up to hustling to their favorite brew, etc…

Unfortunately, just tracking incoming ticket scans is probably the only realistic data we can get here.

Beer Consumption: Track which types of beer are most popular, the quantity consumed, and any trends throughout the festival (maybe lagers are popular earlier in the day and then people move on to the barrel aged stouts and triple ipa’s later). Analyze this by beer type, brewery, and even specific beer brand.

I don’t think most festivals track individual pours, but I think this would be fascinating data to deeply analyze and a great way to understand what beer consumers are currently most interested in. At a festival, people get a chance to participate in a pure free market, so we can really see what they want to drink without impact of price, availability, etc.

Brewery Performance: Compare breweries by consumption, attendee reviews, and social media mentions. This could help identify trends or successful marketing strategies.

I think some of this data would potentially be available, and insights on if larger or smaller, newer or older, local or out of region breweries get the most traffic would be interesting.

Customer Demographics: Analyze age, gender, location, and other demographic data. Look for correlations between demographic segments and their beer choices, favorite breweries, and feedback.

A lot of this data would be difficult to get but would be interesting to see... I’ll go out on a limb and assume the most common demographic is 35-year-old dude with a beard and flannel…

Feedback and Social Media Activity: Collect and analyze attendee feedback on individual beers, breweries, and the festival as a whole. This could include formal surveys, social media sentiment analysis, and direct feedback collected at the event. This can give you an idea of the event's overall impact and popularity.

Economic Impact: Measure the festival's economic impact on the local community, including secondary spending on hotels, restaurants, transportation, and more.

Now we’d really have to get creative with what data we have access to … but especially for a well-known festival that draws people in from outside the local community, there should be considerable impact to local economy. Other local breweries probably have a demand bump outside of the festival too, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’

So there we have it! What great insights we could get to if all this data was available.
Understanding the intricacies of festival data isn't just for the organizers or breweries—it's for everyone involved in this fantastic festivity. Because, in the end, it's the insightful application of this data that refines our experiences, connects us more deeply to our favorite brews, and propels us towards even better beer festivals in the future.

So here's a toast—to the magic of beer, the power of data, and the delightful blend of the two that make every festival a story worth telling and a pint (or taster glass) worth raising. Cheers to that!

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