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Explore Sales $ per Case with VIP Data

Our third exploration into the world of VIP data analytics focuses on a metric that that can redefine your brewery's profitability: Sales $ per Case Equivalent.

Just like our previous showcases, simplicity is key – we're still harnessing the power of standard iDIG reports, but this time, we're marrying total sales with case equivalents to reveal a more complete revenue picture by looking beyond total volume (and yes, we can do the same with barrels!).

Tracking Sales per Case will help a brewery understand what beers generate the most revenue per unit sold and what regions or classes of trade have the most profitable sales mix.

In our latest demo video, we quickly cover several of the benefits of leveraging VIP data within a cutting-edge analytics platform:

1. Segment Analysis: Uncover which segments – be it beer type, family, geography, state, or class of trade – are outperforming their peers.

2. Trend Tracking: Monitor the Sales/Case trends to determine if you are improving over time.

3. Growth vs. Profitability: Examine the interplay between Sales/Case and Volume Growth to balance profitability with expansion efforts.

4. Category Combinations: Effortlessly navigate through business categories to pinpoint potential issues or identify winning strategies worthy of investment.

Sure, you can see raw VIP data in excel, but can it give you these insights?

Modern analytics platforms are designed for this – intuitive exploration, interactive navigation, and visual data storytelling. The result? Effortless insights that your team can immediately action.

Ready to see what insights lie hidden in your data? Let's load your VIP data into a dashboard tailored for discovery.

Please drop me a message, and we’ll turn raw VIP data into strategic insights for your team.

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