Unlocking Trends in Craft Brewing: A Clearer Picture

See how 3 different techniques for visualizing time can bring different insights.

Modern Analytics is a Gamechanger for Craft Breweries

See many common pain points of a rudimentary data system and how modern analytics solves these issues and opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Data Efficiency with Modern Analytics

See how modern analytics solutions will solve inefficiencies in preparing and presenting analytics.

State of Data Analytics for Craft Breweries

See how Tableau's recent report 'State of Data Analytics" relates to craft breweries.

Stack the Odds in Your Favor

Contemporary craft breweries cannot just rely on instincts and luck to be successful; its critical to use data and analytics to 'stack the odds in your favor'

Acquire and Enhance Data with Modern Analytics

See how modern analytics seamlessly extracts and enhances data.

Data Viz Demo

See how data visualization brings quick and accurate insights to raw data using 'pre attentive attributes.'

Down to the Ounce ... Up to the Barrel

See how modern analytics allows for efficient and flexible analysis at different unit of measures (quantity, ounce, barrel).

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