Primary Blog/Use Case/"Help me understand the benefits of advanced analytics"

"Help me understand the benefits of advanced analytics"

Evolving from simple to advanced analytics

Move from raw data in crosstab (excel) to advanced analytics to gain a much higher level of insight that will be used to drive intelligent business actions; all while reducing time to prepare and present the data and efficiency of analysis.

Move from this...

Data for example jpg


  • ​Hard to focus on what is important
  • Difficult to detect trends
  • ​Challenging to understand how each group is doing
  • ​Can’t easily compare how we are performing to previous periods

Almost impossible to efficiently gain any meaningful insights

Upgrade to this...

Analytics - to this jpg


  • ​Remove noise, focus on important
  • ​Visualize trends and comparisons to previous periods
  • ​Easy to remove or change filters to see total sales or other sales regions
  • ​Aggregation to higher groups
  • ​Dashboard immediate updates with underlying data

Insights Gained

  • ​Tasting room volume is down from last year, and last month was especially poor for the season
  • ​Blend group is by far our most important and is generally doing well
  • ​Cab group is a much lower % of total sales then it was last year, lead down by Cab A
  • ​Chard group used to be very low % of total sales but has been increasing recently, driven up by Chard A
  • ​Blend C is still high volume but is struggling compared to previous periods in a steady decline
  • ​Blend H has been doing very well recently with a steady increase in sales

​Ultimately, the dashboard is much more insightful than just using raw data

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