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Quickstart Analytics Process

What data is needed?

In general with Tableau, the more data the better! This allows us to be flexible and more insightful with analysis.
But the specific data required for QuickStart Analytics is very simple; fields that all ERP or other source systems should have readily available. Below are some examples from 3 common datasources. 

QS - Data Examples jpg

What is the Process?

The basic 5 step QuickStart Analytics process is shown below. It starts with extracting common data out of the source system and ends with  receiving the Tableau analytics by email.

Step 1 - Business Action
Download needed data from source system into Excel

QS - Download Excel jpg

Step 2 - Business Action
Upload excel file (common data model structure) into Google Doc

QS - Upload Cloud jpg

Step 3 - CCA Setup
On a schedule, Tableau Prep reads from excel file and prepares Tableau Data Extract (TDE)

QS - Tableau Prep jpg

Step 4 - CCA Setup
Tableau Cloud, connects to prepared TDE and updates analytics

QS - Tableau Cloud jpg

Step 5 - CCA Setup
On a schedule, Tableau emails analytics to recipients

QS - Email Analytics jpg
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