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Tableau vs Excel

why should you use tableau instead of excel??

Tableau offers many benefits with advanced analytics and visualizations.

Excel is an excellent tool and certainly has a rightful place in any analytics toolkit. However, too many small businesses rely on excel too heavily for advanced analytics and visualizations. 

Oftentimes people use excel for analytics by:

  • ​Manually downloading raw data from multiple sources
  • ​Using a combination of formulas and lookups to transform or restructure the data
  • ​Displaying final analytics through pivot tables or other simple visuals.

Below shows some of the drawbacks of this type of analytics work in excel and how Tableau offers several benefits.





Very manual to create and tedious to update

​Automated connection to source data so updates automatically


Often times not ready when needed or uses stale data

​Tableau content updates immediately with new source data


Difficult to make changes due to complexity

​Simple 'drag and drop' to make changes


​Hard to show others how to run or update

Once built, fully automated updates so no manual intervention


​​Pretty basic and cumbersome to build or change

Easy access to create beautiful advanced visualizations

Risk of Error

​​Easy to mis-key a number or formula or have something not lined up correctly

​With less complexity to develop and automated updates, much lower risk of making a mistake

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