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Unleashing the Power of VIP Data

Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of data from VIP (Vermont Information Processing) or unsure how to efficiently and effectively use it for decision making? We all know there's valuable information in there, but getting to the needed insights shouldn't be so hard.

At Central Coast Analytics, we can help make all that good data easily understood and actionable.

We take those standard iDig reports you're used to and turn them into clear, interactive Tableau dashboards. Now, your team can find what they need fast and use it to make smarter sales decisions.

Check out this quick demo video that uses real (but ‘masked’ to protect proprietary info) VIP data from a standard report. In it you’ll see how these easy-to-use tools make analysis a breeze:
- Visualize your data instead of looking at stale pivot tables
- Compare any two time periods to understand performance.
- Switch between sales numbers and case volume in a snap.
- See how beers, customers, or geographies have trended over time.
- Understand how much volume each category makes up of your total.
- Dive deep into the details without only a few clicks.
- Bring in extra non-VIP data for even more insight.

And this is all from one dashboard. Imagine having a whole set at your fingertips.

Think about how this could be a game-changer for your team. Better decisions, made faster, with data they can actually use.

Want to learn more about how this will help your sales team or have any specific questions? Send me a message, I’d love to tell you more about it.

​Cheers to more data-driven, actionable insights in 2024!

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