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Unlocking Trends in Craft Brewing: A Clearer Picture

Have you ever felt that a standard trend chart isn't quite telling you everything?
When it comes to craft brewing, spotting the full range of trends is crucial for understanding your business.

Let’s dive into a few different ways to view performance over time.

1. Long-Term Trend Analysis
- What You See: It starts with the earliest data on the left, moving to the most recent on the right.
- Why It's Useful: It helps you see the big picture over time.
- Our Chart Reveals: There's no significant growth or decline, but there is a clear pattern of busy and slow seasons.

2. Year Over Year Comparison
- What You See: Each year is plotted over the same time frame, with different colors for each year.
- Why It's Useful: It lets you see how each period compares to the same period in previous years, especially useful for precisely detecting seasonality.
- Our Chart Reveals: There's a seasonal pattern, with sales peaking in spring and dipping in summer. The spring of 2023 did better than in 2022, but summer was not as good.

3. Year Over Year Running Total
- What You See: This shows all sales added together up to a particular day of the year.
- Why It's Useful: It's great for seeing the total performance for the year and tracking changes over time.
- Our Chart Reveals: 2024 is starting off slower than the past two years, 2023 had the highest sales by this time.

Some Tips for Better Trend Charts
1. Use different colors to identify each year.
2. Highlight the most recent year with thicker or different types of lines.
3. Put the year on the chart itself to avoid constantly looking back at a legend.
4. Show an average line for context on how each period compares.

Keep these different chart types in mind for a full perspective on your brewery's data. They can reveal insights that might be missed by looking at just one type of chart.

Here's to gaining better insights from your brewery data!

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