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VIP Regional Deep Dive

“We used to rely on gut feeling and spreadsheets for our sales insights, but it turns out, we were only scratching the surface. Now, with these new capabilities, we have a complete, effortless, and engaging view of a region’s sales landscape.”

Building upon our earlier overview of customer demand using VIP data (link at bottom), let's now zoom in for a close-up!

Introducing our in-depth, locale-specific dashboard - all based on standard VIP/iDig reporting, making it incredibly easy to update.

In this quick demo, focusing on San Diego County, you will see that our dashboard unveils a wealth of information at your fingertips:
- Detailed data by City, Zip, Chain, Class of Trade, and Account
- Total sales volume, in dollars or cases
- Comparative volume changes from previous periods
- Proportion of total sales per account
- Time-based sales trends
- In-depth specifics on individual accounts

And this isn’t just a static dashboard of info, our interactive features allow you to:
- Adjust time periods for tailored insights
- Filter by City, Zip, Chain, Class of Trade, or Beer Family
- Switch between Sales $ and Cases views with ease

With just a few clicks, you can get a bird's-eye view of regional performance and then drill down to discover which accounts are thriving or may need a boost.

Pretty cool capabilities, right? And it's all powered by a standard iDIG report, meaning it's updated with virtually zero effort.

Curious about what this could reveal for your brewery? If you want to see your data come alive in a dashboard like this, let's chat! Drop me a message, and we could be uncovering insights for you almost immediately.

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