Primary Blog/Use Case/'What If' Analysis on Price Change

'What If' Analysis on Price Change

Intro / Purpose
• We need to make a data-driven decision on adjusting sales price for a wine
• We want to understand what our current price & volume relationship is for a wine
• We want to analyze what the potential impact would be on total sales with if we implemented a ‘floor price’ (minimum allowable price when small quantities purchased)

Data Used
• Datasource: Sales Transactions
• Key Fields: Date, Wine, Region, Sales Transaction, Qty, Sales $ Amount

• Current relationship between Qty and Price
• % of transactions impacted if we adjusted floor price
• Potential sales $ opportunity with change in floor price

• Filter by Wine
• Flexibility to adjust floor price, minimum quantity, expected volume drop

Sample Questions Answered
• What is the current relationship between price and volume for a wine?
• If we wanted to adjust or implement a floor price, what % of our historical transactions would be impacted?
• If we implemented the floor price would our anticipated sales match the pattern that we would expect?
• What is the potential sales $ opportunity if we made this change?
• If we anticipated a possible loss of volume, what would the impact of that be?

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