Primary Blog/Use Case/What States are Smart to Target in 2023?

What States are Smart to Target in 2023?

Where to focus your sales strategy in 2023

All States are not created equal!

Intro / Purpose
• We need to get a better understanding of what States to target our sales resources in 2023
• We’d like to use some data outside of what we normally produce to get these insights
• We’d like to group target states into categories and have associated strategies with each

Data Used
• Datasource: State Wine Consumption (, State Population (, Personal Consumption Spending (
• Key Fields: State, Total Wine Consumption, Wine Consumption per Capita, Total Population, Population Growth Total, Population Growth %, Total Personal Consumption Growth %, Per Capita FoodBev Spend, FoodBev Spend Growth %

• For each datasource (wine, population, personal spending) calculate a single score (higher the better)
• Combine individual scores to group and rank States by characteristics
• Map showing the target States

• No additional functionality on main dashboard

Sample Questions Answered
• What States score high across Wine, Population, and Spending? (We should see high sales volume/growth in these; if any are currently low, they are big opportunity)
• What States look to have good Population and Spending characteristics but not good on Wine? (We should focus on increasing total wine consumption to see quick growth)
• What States have good Wine and Spending scores but declining or small Populations? (We should try to protect our share in a shrinking market, might be price sensitive)
• What States have strong Spending characteristics but weaker Wine and Population scores? (We should try to convert some of this general spending to additional wine spending, but not as large of priority as group 2)

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