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Why Reliable Data is Essential for Craft Breweries

Trust Your Data

And use it to make great decisions

Imagine a brewery that brewed great beer, had an outstanding team, and loyal customers. Everything seemed to be going great, but they had some underlying issues with their data that was impacting their decision making … oftentimes, they couldn’t trust their data.

Week after week, the production reports varied, sometimes even contradicting sales numbers. The brewing team, unsure about the accuracy of the demand data they received, often overproduced certain brews and underproduced others. This inconsistency led to wastage of resources and missed opportunities. Their financial reports, based on shaky data foundations, painted an uncertain picture of the brewery’s health, leading to anxiety during decision-making meetings when people showed up with analysis that pointed in different directions.

This story may sound all too familiar. Many craft breweries start with a passion for beer, but as they grow and mature as a business, the importance of accurate data becomes paramount.

The Benefits of Trustworthy Data:

1. Informed Decision Making: Trustworthy data can steer decision-making in the right direction. Knowing exact inventory levels, sales patterns, and production costs means smarter and more effective choices.

2. Efficiency: When the data is consistent and reliable, breweries can streamline operations, reduce wastage, and optimize production schedules. They don’t have to constantly double check all of their reports and analysis.

3. Confidence: A team that trusts its data is a team that can confidently innovate, take calculated risks, and plan for the future.

But, how can craft breweries ensure they have trustworthy data?

Modern Analytics Platforms: The Game Changer

Modern analytics platforms are transforming the way craft breweries access, interpret, and trust their data.

- Automating ETL Processes: ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes are critical for data preparation and integration. Modern analytics tools automate this process, ensuring data consistency and eliminating manual errors.

- Unified Data Sources: With a single source of truth, breweries can avoid the messiness of contradictory reports from different departments. One set of data drives multiple dashboards and levels of analysis, guaranteeing that everyone is on the same page.

- Dynamic Dashboards: Gone are the days of static reports. Today's platforms offer dynamic, real-time dashboards that provide insights at a glance, tailored to different user roles - from the brewmaster to the sales team. Everybody is looking at the same underlying information, just in a way that is most relevant to them.

The backbone of successful decision making in a brewery is the data it relies on. As craft breweries evolve, the need for trustworthy data becomes even more crucial.
Rudimentary data processes can no longer cut it in today's competitive landscape. With modern analytics platforms, not only do breweries get reliable data, but they also gain the assurance and confidence to let their passions shine, pint after pint.
Cheers to smart brewing!

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