Enlightened Brewers are a collective of people passionate about using data in their breweries to enhance their performance. They are curious, fully engaged, and devoted to continuous improvement. They hate uncertainty and have utmost confidence in their data-driven decision making!

Enlighted Brewers

  • ​Data is always fresh and ready when we need it
  • ​Creating and updating analytics content is very efficient
  • ​We can trust our data as a single source of truth
  • ​We can get to both high level and detailed insights quickly and accurately
  • ​Dashboards are of the highest quality and created using best practices

We have complete understanding of our business, confidence in our data-driven decision making, and are using analytics to optimize all processes for profitability and success!


  • Oftentimes have to use stale data or spend time retrieving data
  • Updating reports is very manual and tedious
  • Lack of trust in reporting leads to uncertainty in decision making
  • ​Reporting is often at the wrong level for decision making or audience
  • ​Reports are often sloppy and difficult to understand

They don't know what is going on in their business and are often surprised, they haphazardly make decisions solely on 'gut feel', and are neither very profitable or successful...

Imagine your life as an


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GUnderstand what you currently do well, what needs some improvement, and what you should look to prioritize

You and your team could have access to:


Source System Data Extraction Jobs


Purpose Built Data Sources


World Class  Dashboards


Confident Decisions Made

What we stand for


Being an 'Enlightened Brewer' means harnessing the power of data to fully comprehend every facet of your brewery's operations and sales performance, from grain to glass. It means making decisions not just on instinct or intuition, but also on comprehensive analytics and robust insights drawn from accurate, real-time data.

As an Enlightened Brewer, you take charge of your brewery's future. You recognize the value of data in highlighting opportunities for growth, identifying areas of inefficiency, and optimizing processes. Leveraging the power of advanced analytics, you continuously work to improve your performance, streamline your operations, and maximize your profitability.

As an Enlightened Brewer, you make quick and confident data-based decisions that drive your performance. You identify opportunity and risks immediately, and are rarely surprised by something occurring (you sleep well at night…)

You are not merely brewing beer; you are brewing success, one data-driven decision at a time!

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