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Modern Analytics Will Revolutionize Your
Business  Performance

Check out the quick introduction and demo below

Check out the introduction and demo below

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Your team deserves great analytics to use in their decision making ... don't wait to receive more info or to book a demo!

Here's what others are saying about modern analytics for their brewery:

"Central Coast Analytics has helped our brewery team by delivering excellent analytics and data dashboards to make better decisions for our business.... 

We no longer have to invest hours of our own time or require our employees to create and update dashboards, KPI trackers, and business metrics because Central Coast Analytics' tools and software does it all for us!"

Nicole Smith   
Co-Owner  South Lake Brewing Company

Here's the issue with most homegrown analytics solutions:

The problem ... 

The brewery industry is a dynamic one, teeming with opportunities, innovation, and complexities. It's quite evident that understanding your data in a way that helps steer decisions is essential for your brewery's success.

You're likely relying on homegrown, rudimentary analytics solutions,
trying to glean insights from scattered data points - production, sales, supply chain, and more.

Maybe you're using spreadsheets that take
hours to update and even more time to interpret. Perhaps you're struggling to extract meaning from raw data that is tricky to read, and even harder to connect.

This convoluted process often leads to
incomplete analysis, late insights, and sometimes, misleading results - obstructing your path to informed decisions and subsequent growth.

The frustration! 

Imagine the frustration of pouring precious time into managing a spreadsheet only to realize it's missing critical data or the numbers just don't add up. Picture the fatigue of sifting through rows and columns, struggling to discern patterns and trends.

You're not alone - this has become a common nuisance in the brewing industry. The delayed, ineffective, and often confusing nature of such primitive systems can create chaos, hinder performance, and even lead to significant losses.

Your valuable time is being consumed by data management instead of strategic thinking and innovation. Furthermore, these outdated methods could be leaving you blind to potential opportunities and threats, placing your brewery at risk.

You need a solution that gives you back control, precision, and above all, time.


With modern analytics, you're not just reading numbers; you're unlocking a roadmap to improved operations, strategic growth, and a competitive edge in the market!

Imagine understanding sales patterns in real-time, identifying inefficiencies in your supply chain instantly, and accurately forecasting demand to prevent stockouts or overproduction.

Instead of hours spent wrestling with spreadsheets, you could have real-time insights at your fingertips, displayed in a user-friendly, visually compelling format. This will bring clarity to complex data, highlighting trends, and revealing hidden opportunities with a simple glance.

The solution to these pressing issues lies in the implementation of modern analytics dashboards - powerful tools designed to harness the power of your data and transform it into actionable intelligence.

Get a glimpse of modern analytics in action!

Imagine  how successful your team will be when empowered by these insights

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Here are just a few

of the benefits of modern analytics

  • Timing: Scheduled and automated extracts of data keep analytics fresh
  • Trust: Since data is validated and definitions are documented, people trust analytics as sole source of truth
  • Efficiency: Data flows seamlessly into analytics with no human involvement
  • Availability: Dashboards are always accessible and live based on the underlying data
  • Certainty: Documentation and video on how to use analytics and example of insights
  • Accuracy: Datasource validated to source system and since all automated, little risk of error
  • Level of Detail: Easy to switch from high to low level of detail based on analytics needs
  • Portability: Once analytics is created it needs very little maintenance and Tableau is very user friendly
  • Quality: Dashboards deployed to high design standards and following best practices
  • Scalability: Tableau Cloud and our datasources are 100% scalable and can handle huge amounts of data
  • Organization: The Tableau Cloud site will be extremely organized, so you always know where to find what you are looking for
  • Functionality: Tableau is best in class visualization tool and dashboards and calculations can be fully modified

Lets book a time to chat! 

I'd love to discuss how you currently use data, any pain points you might have, and potential opportunities for improvement


How do you get to my data?

It depends on the system, sometimes we can create an automated connection, other times we'll need to run or schedule reports.

How long does it take to receive the access to the insights?

Assuming straightforward access to raw data, you'll start to receive insights within just a few days.

What topics can we receive insights on?

We can create modern analytics solutions on any topic as long as we can get to the data. The most widely used are:
Demand  -  Finance  -  Operations  - Marketing  -  Human Resources  - Supply Chain  -   Customer Survey

I'm not used to reviewing dashboards, can you help me understand the insights?

Yes - there will be an initial walkthrough of the platform and videos on website on how to view dashboards. I also offer Enhanced Insights which is a personalized deep dive into your data to find opportunities. 

How does pricing work?

Our pricing model scales depending on how many source systems, analytics data sources, and dashboards we'll be deploying. Expect around $1,000 per month for a strong deployment of Demand analytics.

How is my data protected?

- Signed NDA before we start.
- Tableau Cloud infrastructure is hosted in a SAS-70 compliant data center.
- User login will be MFA controlled.
- Communication between users and Tableau Cloud is encrypted using SSL.