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Gain insights on customer and beer demand performance and trends!

Gain insights on customer and beer demand performance and trends

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Here's what others are saying about modern analytics for their brewery:

"Central Coast Analytics has helped our brewery team by delivering excellent analytics and data dashboards to make better decisions for our business.... 

We no longer have to invest hours of our own time or require our employees to create and update dashboards, KPI trackers, and business metrics because Central Coast Analytics' tools and software does it all for us!"

Nicole Smith   
Co-Owner  South Lake Brewing Company

Here's the issue with most homegrown analytics solutions:

The problem ... 

The brewery industry is a dynamic one, teeming with opportunities, innovation, and complexities. It's quite evident that understanding your data in a way that helps steer decisions is essential for your brewery's success.

You're likely relying on homegrown, rudimentary analytics solutions, trying to glean insights from scattered data points - production, sales, supply chain, and more.

Maybe you're using spreadsheets that take hours to update and even more time to interpret. Perhaps you're straining to extract meaning from raw figures that are tricky to read, and even harder to connect.

This convoluted process often leads to incomplete analysis, late insights, and sometimes, misleading results - obstructing your path to informed decisions and subsequent growth.

The frustration! 

Imagine the frustration of pouring precious time into managing a spreadsheet only to realize it's missing critical data or the numbers just don't add up. Picture the fatigue of sifting through rows and columns, struggling to discern patterns and trends, while your competition advances using real-time, accurate insights.

You're not alone - this has become a common nuisance in the brewing industry. The delayed, ineffective, and often confusing nature of such primitive systems can create chaos, hinder performance, and even lead to significant losses.

Your valuable time is being consumed by data management instead of strategic thinking and innovation. Furthermore, these outdated methods could be leaving you blind to potential opportunities and threats, placing your brewery at risk.

The true cost of such inefficiencies goes far beyond the man-hours spent wrangling data; it infiltrates every aspect of your business. You need a solution that gives you back control, precision, and above all, time.


The solution to these pressing issues lies in the implementation of modern analytics dashboards - powerful tools designed to harness the power of your data and transform it into actionable intelligence.

Instead of hours spent wrestling with spreadsheets, you could have real-time insights at your fingertips, displayed in a user-friendly, visually compelling format. This will bring clarity to complex data, highlighting trends, and revealing hidden opportunities with a simple glance.

Imagine identifying inefficiencies in your supply chain instantly, understanding sales patterns in real-time, and accurately forecasting demand to prevent stockouts or overproduction.

With modern analytics, you're not just reading numbers; you're unlocking a roadmap to improved operations, strategic growth, and a competitive edge in the market!

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  • Overall Demand Profile: What are some high level statistics on our demand?
  • Overall Demand Trend: How does total demand compare to previous period and what does trending look like by month?
  • Channel Demand: How does taproom demand compare to wholesale, how are each trending?
  • Container Demand: Do we sell more beer out of kegs or cans, is that seasonal?
  • Top Beer Types: What types of beers make up the majority of our demand? How are they performing? Are they seasonal?
  • Top Customer Types: What type of customer buys the majority of our beer? Are any growing or declining through the year?
  • Top Beer Demand: What is the demand profile of top beers and is that up or down from previous period? What channel and container moves most of the volume? Who are the top customers?
  • ​​Top Customer Demand: What is the demand profile of our top customers and is that up or down from previous period? What container type does each buy the most of? How often does the customer order and what is the average size? What are the main beers they buy?​

Just email some of your data

And we do the rest!

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  • ​"Demand at a Glance" insights                                  ($199 value)
  • ​"Beer and Customer Detail" analysis                        ($199 value)
  • ​Data loaded into dashboard                                        ($49 value)
  • ​​Video explanation of dashboard                                 ($29 value)
  • ​Brewery KPI Examples PDF                                           ($19 value)
  • Excel data input template                                              

"Demand at a Glance" insights
($199 value)

"Beer and Customer Detail" analysis
($199 value)

Data loaded into dashboard
($49 value)

Video explanation of dashboard
($29 value)

Brewery KPI Examples PDF
($19 value)

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How do you get my data?

I'll send you an excel sheet template with column headers; this will need transaction level of detail to be most impactful.

How is my data protected?

I'll send a simple non-disclosure agreement upon request.

How long does it take to receive the dashboard?

Assuming the data you send is clean, you'll receive insights 24-48 hours later!

I'm not used to reviewing dashboards, can you help me understand the insights?

Yes - upon checkout,  you can upgrade to receive a personalized video from me reviewing your insights.