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We are constantly working to provide all of our followers with free and low cost resources to help them in their data and analytics journey.

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Free Resources!

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Benefits of Modern Analytics

Report that walks through inadequacy of primitive, homegrown analytics systems and the features and benefits of a modern analytics program

Analytics  Use Cases for Breweries

Comprehensive report to help unlock the secrets to skyrocketing your brewery's performance through the power of data and analytics! 

Brewery  KPI's

Description of Key Performance Indicators for performance measurement from all aspects of a brewery. 

Homegrown Analytics Painpoints

A listing of 30 pain points that will be resolved with modern analytics

Data Visualization Benefits

Examples of how visualizing data increases the speed, accuracy, and confidence in data driven decision making. 

Starting with Analytics

Explanation on the basic steps to start using modern data and analytics in your brewery. 

More Free Resources Coming Soon!

ROI Calculator

Customizable excel calculator that compares the potential financial benefits of modern analytics to the initial investment amount.

More Free Resources Coming Soon!


(Almost) Free Resources!

Small free  (so I can buy a cold one)  but HUGE ROI

QuickStart Demand Analytics

Just send me some of your data, and in 48 hours (or less) receive back a world-class dashboard that highlights recent performance and comparison to previous periods. Deep dive top beers and customers!

Analytics Assessment

Receive a 20 questions analytics assessment questionnaire. Send in and receive a personalized report on your unique strengths and opportunities for improvement. 

Data and Analytics Enablement

If you or your team needs to brush up on your Data Literacy and Culture knowledge, this 45 min video will be a great resource. From there, the sky is the limit!

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